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Charcoal Waxed Canvas Dog Collar

Love the look and feel of your favorite pair of jeans? (The comfortable ones, not the tight ones you can't sit down in.) Your dog wants that too. Hoadin waxed canvas dog collars wear like your favorite pair of jeans - they only get better with age. AND they can be re-waxed when needed. They are handmade with a cotton canvas permeated with a non-toxic, water resistant wax. The strong, aluminum, quick release buckle along with the solid brass D-ring and rivets add to the style and durability of our collars. Crafted in the U.S.A, we stand behind our products, so if need be, we'll repair for free.

Need help measuring your dog's neck and/or figuring out the right size?    See our Size Chart.

  • Non-toxic, waxed canvas fabric
  • Quick release, durable aluminum buckle
  • Water resistant, Easy to clean
  • Collars crafted in the U.S.A.

For waxed canvas care information, visit our Product Info page.

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