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Our goal at Hoadin is to create beautiful products for dogs and their humans using the highest quality, eco-friendly and cruelty free/vegan materials. 

Cork:  Cork leather is a strong yet soft, water resistant material with natural anti-microbial properties. It's sustainable and a beautiful leather alternative that we made the signature material for our first collection of dog accessories. Learn more about why we fell in love. 

Waxed Canvas: Our C4X Waxed Canvas has a special wax impregnated into the canvas that contains no parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde or PFOA's. We love the superior water resistant qualities combined with a unique, distressed leather or perfect pair of faded jeans look that develops. The ability to re-wax when needed, adds to their longevity. 

Sileather:  Sileather is a unique silicone leather or silicone coated fabric that is an environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl and other faux leathers and an animal friendly alternative to real leather.

The creation of our Silicone Leather incorporates a solvent-free production process, and contains no PVC or PU elements. No chemicals such as plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals, BPA, or formaldehyde are used or added.

What we love about Sileather, in addition to to it being sustainable and eco-friendly, are the characteristics that make it perfect for dog gear - strength & durability, scratch & stain resistant and weather resistant. 

Hardware: Our matte nickel finished, solid brass hardware gives our products their durable good looks and will hold up to anything your dog or you can put it through. Our side release buckles are made with lightweight, yet super strong and rust resistant aluminum. 


Hoadin dog accessories are handcrafted in Norwalk, CT, U.S.A.  Our goal is keep all product manufacturing and source as many materials as possible in the U.S. We support jobs for our fellow Americans and reducing the carbon foot print. 


Cork & Sileather ProductsFor best results, spot clean with mild soap and water. Or hand wash.
Linen & Cotton Flannel Bandanas: Hand wash or machine wash on the delicate cycle in cold water. Line dry.

Waxed Canvas Products: ** If your product arrives with light colored marks, don't worry! Just zap them with a blow dryer. The wax will melt slightly and redistribute. **

When cleaning waxed canvas, do not use detergent/soap. Rinse off with warm water or rub gently with a damp cloth. That's all that is needed.  If the wax wears off in areas, it can be refinished with canvas refinishing wax. Order your wax bar here.

Rewaxing:  Make sure you start with a clean product. To re-wax your Hoadin Waxed Canvas products, dry rub the canvas with your C4X wax bar evenly. Then set and distribute the wax with a blow dryer or heat gun. Let it set a few hours before using.