Our Story

How did we get started? Well, our story began with a rude awakening.

I was considering adopting a dog and I decided to check out Petfinder to see who needed a home.  After several HOURS of reviewing profile after profile, I saw no end in sight to the pages I still hadn't viewed. 

I was floored. I couldn’t believe it was really that bad. It wasn’t just a handful of pups found as strays who found their way to a shelter. The more I read about homeless dogs, the more heartbroken I became, and it created a spark. I started by adopting Dixie and then came Clarence. (Brody joined us in 2018.) That spark then turned into a driving fire and I decided I wanted my everyday to be about helping make a difference.  

My deep dive into dog rescue organizations led to research into animal welfare and environmental issues as well. Then making a difference became important not just to dogs in need but to our environment as well.

Cut to today, where every working hour goes into designing and developing our beautiful, eco-friendly dog gear and fulfilling a mission to support our planet and dog rescue/adoption. With every purchase, Hoadin donates to a non-profit partner supporting dogs in need. Even our name expresses our commitment. Hoadin is an acronym for Help Out A Dog INeed. 

- Nancy Dietlin, Founder of Hoadin (est. 2016)