Our Commitment to Dogs

Photo by Andrew Leal


At Hoadin, the dog organizations we donate to help us fulfill our commitment to help out dogs in need and promote rescue and adoption. All of the organizations we support are 501(c)(3) nonprofits that play a vital role in dog rescue and helping reduce the overcrowded shelter system. The initial goal is to rescue dogs from homelessness, unsafe homes or crowded shelters and move them into foster homes. Allowing these pups to relax, recuperate, receive training and feel loved, enables them to be in the best position to be adopted. The more shelter dogs that can be removed from shelters and into foster homes reduces the amount of dogs needlessly euthanized due to lack of shelter space. And, of course, the ultimate goal is to find safe, loving homes for all dogs in need.

Interested in fostering a dog?

Contact Foster Dogs. They can provide information, education and resources to get you started.

Need help finding a dog to adopt in your area?

Reach out to the dog rescue organizations below in your area. They may be good resources in your adoption journey.


Click each rescue name for more info and their dogs available for adoption. 



OC Pom Rescue - CA

Wags & Walks - CA

The Good Dog Rescue - CO

Little Black Dog Rescue - CT

Lucky Dog Refuge - CT

Galgos Del Sol - Europe

One Tail At A Time - IL

Hearts & Bones Rescue - NY

Mr. Bones & Co. - NY

Social Tees NYC - NY

Lucky Pup Rescue - SC

Wags & Walks Nashville - TN

Austin Dog Rescue - TX

Hearts & Bones Rescue - TX

Forgotten Dogs Rescue - WA