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Our Cork Fabric

Our Cork Fabric

Our goal at Hoadin was to create a line of beautiful, vibrant products using the highest quality materials. That started with our cork fabric. Although leather is attractive and provides strength, we also wanted to find something that was more eco, animal and weather friendly. We were delighted to discover that cork fabric offers all of the attributes of the highest grade leather - attractiveness, flexibility and strength - but in addition, is weather resistant AND a sustainable resource. We fell in love and developed our signature cork collection.

The Cork Oak

Cork comes from the cork oak and has the unique ability to regenerate its bark. The cork bark can be harvested every 9 years from trees with the average life span of 200 years. Cork tree forests cover almost 5.5 million acres of land in Mediterranean areas.

These forest help provide soil conservation, clean water renewal, while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It's estimated that cork oak forests absorb and retain almost 14 million tons of carbon dioxide, the main cause of climate change.  That's some serious eco-friendliness.