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Tater Tot - The Little Pit That Could

We were introduced to Tater Tot just after the new year when he was rescued by NYC based, Mr. Bones & Co.  NYPD officers found him outside tied to a pole on New Years Eve obviously suffering from injuries. After he was brought to NYC Animal Care & Control and knowing he needed medical attention, a kind volunteer reached out to Elli Frank, Mr. Bones & Co. founder and her rescue team. They immediately moved into action so this suffering pup didn't have to wait 24 hours before he could receive medical care. It was going to be a long shot since the shelter was closed in observance of New Years Day. Regardless, they pressed on. With the help of dedicated shelter and ACC's New Hope staff on their day off, Tater was on his way to the emergency vet center, AMC-NYC.

Immediate surgery helped repair his known injuries but uncovered more serious internal trauma to his intestines. After surgery, he was showing good signs and looked to be on the mend. There were high hopes he would be able to start rehabilitation in a foster home within a few days. Tater's precious seal face and lovable charm won over the AMC staff and the hearts of Mr. Bones & Co. supporters. Much needed donations flooded in to help cover the extensive surgery and expected follow up. But unfortunately that wasn't the end of Tater's challenges.

Tater didn't make it to his foster home when expected or hoped.  A fever spiked and his abdomen swelled. An ultrasound revealed a perforation and he went in for emergency surgery. The severity of his complications gave him only a 50% chance of survival. But he's a tough cookie and made it through. After a critical 48 hours, he should good signs of improvement and his survival rate grew.  It grew enough so he made it to the comfort of Elli's home, his new foster mom. 

The Instagram and Facebook posts from Elli, Mr. Bones & Co. and supporters warm every inch of our hearts. Knowing what Tater Tot has endured in his life makes the photos of him romping, playing, lounging and being loved choke me up sometimes. He deserves all of this love and more. 

I'd like to say that was the end of Tater's medical roller coaster, but it wasn't. A couple of weeks later he was rushed to the animal hospital with complications. The worst was confirmed - he had a complete closure due to scarring from his injury and suture healing. The next steps had to be taken slowly and delicately since his little system was still early in recovery from 2 major surgeries. But he is...The Little Pit That Could. 

Tater continues to thrive and has become famous thanks to so many people, organizations and special supporters. He still isn't without his challenges and foster mom, Elli shares these with him.  In one Instagram post she writes, "Things I have accepted as this little potato's foster mom: I will inevitably leave home with poop somewhere on my clothes/bag/shoes. Every. Day. Today's accessories did not disappoint." But she doesn't doubt for a minute that it's all worth it and he will continue to improve and learn to gain more control over his system. He will always have some special needs but any adopter able to meet those needs will be lucky to call this pup theirs.

From police officers, shelters, rescues, medical teams, fundraisers to donators, it takes a village to save a dog and get him to the life he deserves. Continued support for rescue organizations like Mr. Bones & Co. allow them to do the same for other dogs that you may not hear about but are just as deserving. To learn more about how you can help, contact Mr. Bones & Co. or the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals or google local rescue organizations and shelters in your area.

**  Tater Tot has been adopted! Follow him on Instagram @thegraypotato_  **