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Mr. Bones & Co. - New York, NY

For any person that has loved a rescue dog, your heart and eyes will fill when you read Elli Frank's story of her dog and inspiration, Mr. Bones. In Elli's words, her first dog, Charlotte and Mr. Bones "...ignited a call to action within me so profound, that I was compelled to do something. Mr. Bones & Co. is my 'something'." 

Mr. Bones & Co. is an all volunteer organization that is so multi-faceted, we don't know how these self proclaimed "crazy dog ladies" do it! Here are just some of their incredible programs that help dogs around New York City, the country and the globe - One Lucky Pup Rescue, Rescue The Runway, Shelter Outreach, Tanya Grants, and Pay It Forward Grants.

Dogs available for adoption through Mr. Bones & Co.