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Adoptable Dog Jodie - Brewster, NY

Name: Jodie

City/State: Brewster, NY

Rescue: Mr. Bones & Co.

Approximate Age: 6 yrs

Breed: Mixed breed

Female/Male: Female

Size: 48 lbs.

JODIE is a beautiful girl, who will shower you with the love and loyalty of 100 dogs. She will enjoy a home where she is the only pet and not in an urban city environment. She is excellent with people and kids! She is petite at around 45 lbs., is very neat and tidy, and house trained. She does fine outside her crate when left home alone and prefers to hang freestyle. Her new home should be committed to continuing positive reinforcement and redirects for when she’s outside and her prey drive kicks in. JODIE loves to run after all the rabbits, chipmunks and deer she can spot!

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