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Our Story

Hoadin is a brand of dog accessories including collars, leashes and more that combines comfort and style with eco-friendly materials. We are driven by the mission to support and promote dog rescue and adoption.  How did we get started? Well, our story began with a rude awakening.

Hoadin accessories brand founder Nancy Dietlin

Ignorance is bliss, as they say, but it is also detrimental to those who deserve and need help. If I hadn't had a huge eye opening experience, I would have never known of the enormous plight of homeless dogs in our backyards and around the world.

Several years ago, I was considering adopting a dog.  I decided to check out Petfinder to see who needed a home. Once I narrowed down the options to find the dogs that would be best suited for me, I started the search.  After several HOURS of reviewing profile after profile, I saw no end in sight to the pages I still hadn't viewed. 

Heartbroken, I knew I wanted and needed to help.  I started by adopting Clarence and Dixie, but couldn't stop there.  I spent every free hour designing and developing our beautiful, eco-friendly products and a business model that would make a difference in the lives of dogs in need. With every purchase, Hoadin donates to one of our dog rescue partners. Even our name expresses our commitment. Hoadin is an acronym for Help Out A Dog In Need.  

- Nancy Dietlin, Founder of Hoadin

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