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Dog In Need - Groot with Wags & Walks

January 10, 2017

Dog In Need - Groot with Wags & Walks

It was a Christmas Eve miracle for little Groot. This paralyzed pup was rescued from an L.A. shelter by our partner,  Wags & Walks dog rescue. He arrived at the shelter unable to use his back legs. So it's unknown how and if he received a spinal cord injury or was born paralyzed. Wags & Walks is tending to Groot's wounds and abrasions from dragging his lower body around on the floor, but those will soon be issues of the past.  A generous donor is building a wheelchair for Groot!  He still needs a lot of mending, so donations from Hoadin purchases will help pay for his medical care and physical therapy.  Contact Wags & Walks for more information on Groot and other dogs in need.


**Groot has been adopted!**





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