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Dog In Need - Callie With Wags & Walks

January 05, 2017

Dog In Need - Callie With Wags & Walks

Meet Callie! During the 2016 holiday season, a donation will be made with every Hoadin purchase to help cover the costs of her medical care.

Callie is a 3 year old, white Maltese mix rescued by Wags and Walks. She is so sweet and mellow but has a puppy energy when it comes to wanting to play with other dogs. Callie loves to cuddle with her foster mom but also does well in a crate.
After she was rescued from the shelter, a vet examination discovered a possible eye infection. She is receiving medication and will see an ophthalmologist if improvement isn’t 100%.  
Callie also received a consult with a neurologist to help diagnose the cause of an odd head tilt and difficulty walking with her back legs. During the consult, it was discovered she has a ruptured ear drum. The hope is, as it heals it will remedy the head tilt and walking issues. She will be closely monitored to determine if improvement is being made or if additional consults and care are needed. Contact Wags and Walks for information on adopting Callie or donating to her medical care.

Callie has been adopted!

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