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Calvin - His Journey to a Forever Home

July 31, 2017

Calvin - His Journey to a Forever Home

It's been a long journey for Calvin. He was first found hungry and abandoned in a junkyard in Houston. A life without love, comfort and care was not what this sweet boy deserved. He was transferred by a local rescue group to Mr. Bones & Co.'s One Lucky Pup program. And what a lucky pup he was to land there. He was entered into a 6 week training course to learn basic commands, manners and socialization to put him on the best path to a happily ever after. This affectionate boy loves playing with other dogs, being out and about with his people or relaxing at home. Being a young pup and a working-dog breed, he does need daily exercise. Do to his rough start in life, it will take some time for him to get acclimated to a new home, become comfortable with a new family and bond. But his foster family can assure any potential adopter, he is well worth the wait. He has had a couple of failed adoptions because he wasn't given enough time to show his true, endearing colors.  (He was returned after just a week.) But if you are willing to give Calvin a couple of weeks to get to know and trust you and be able to feel secure, you may be the one lucky person to call him yours. For more details and application information, contact Mr. Bones & Co.

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